About Us

Our Philosophy

Investment Policy

At NOVALISfinance, investment strategy is individually tailored for each portfolio, to meet the requirements and objectives of the client. As a result of our experience over many years prior to the establishment of NOVALISfinance, we have adopted the following key strategies:

Not following the herd

We do not limit ourselves to blue chip stocks of the main industrialised countries, but also follow lesser-known companies offering a greater potential for long term growth in those economies and sectors with the best prospects.

No products of third party institutions

Besides stocks, bonds and other securities, we will occasionally offer home-grown products, thus obviating the risk of failure of an intermediary. In addition, these tailor-made products can be readily understood by our clients.


Advice Services

Accessibility and independence are the key differences that the compact structure of NOVALISfinance can offer. This leads to ready availability of the managers and a genuine unfettered choice of investment vehicles.

Portfolio Management

Above all, managing clients’ financial assets means listening to them. At NOVALISfinance, we determine with the client his/her objectives and the degree of risk that is acceptable, before developing an investment strategy that is presented and explained. The implementation of the agreed strategy requires constant attention in order to adapt the portfolio in response to the evolution and potential of the markets. At NOVALISfinance, the client can arrange at any time to be updated on the status of his portfolio.

Asset Management

Financial assets are often only one part of the client’s holdings. Generally an investor needs a comprehensive approach to his financial affairs, such as advice on legal, tax, inheritance or real estate matters. Through its network of professional associates, NOVALISfinance is able to provide these services and assist clients in resolving the most varied of problems.